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Project Gallery

E-A Enterprises works on all types of custom metal fabrication projects: from single-piece decorative metalwork for residential customers to elaborate railing systems for regional contractors.

Pipe Railings

E-A has fabricated pipe railing for many different sized customers: from local schools up to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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Commercial Railings

E-A can fabricate whatever railing design is best for your commercial or industrial space. Completely customize your railings.

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Glass Railings

Glass railing is increasingly popular among residential and commercial customers - we've worked with both many times.

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Cable Railings

Cable railing provides fall and drop protection while minimally obstructing views. Useful for all types of construction.

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Special Railings

Examples include railings with non-standard cross-sections, elaborate curves, and unique, custom-designed uprights.

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Metal Stairs

Industrial and commercial buildings are home to most of our metal stairs, but we've created stairs for residences as well.

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Fixed Ladders

We've built customized fixed ladders, both large and small, out of several different metals - some units with safety cages.

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Metal Grating

We've created custom metal grates for use in and around buildings - facilitating drainage and easy maintenance access.

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Metal Gates

Metal gates add refinement and security to commercial and residential properties. We've built gates that are both functional and artful.

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Decorative Metalwork

See photographs of residential garden gates and trellises along with a room divider created for a Bel Air-area restaurant.

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Miscellaneous Fabrication

Including industrial skip pans, metal pipe bollard covers, scaffolding, and a large permanent pavilion erected in Fallston, MD.

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