Bahama Shutter Fabrication

E-A Enterprises fabricates sturdy Bahama Shutters, perfect for beachfront protection and style.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bahama Shutters

Metal fabricated Bahama shutters are a popular choice for beachfront properties not only for their coastal style but also because of their protective nature. While the style may seem simple there are some elements of customizability and important features that should be kept in mind when fabricating this type of piece. Here are a few benefits of bahama shutters and things to consider when choosing them.

Black metal bahama shutters for a beachfront property
  • Shutter Style: Welded Bahama shutters are relatively unchanging in their design. They are hinged at the top and are a one piece shutter with a number of horizontal slats. If you're looking for a design that allows for other hinging methods, then metal Bahama Shutters likely aren't the right choice.

    However, Bahama shutters are still very customizable in the spacing between their slats, their size, and their color. Metal Bahama shutters can be powder-coated to any color enabling them to match a bright beachy theme or a more modern neutral design.
  • Protective Ability: One of the most notable features of bahama shutters is their protective ability. They are a popular choice for beachfront properties because they can be pulled down to protect windows from hurricanes and other storms, then pulled back up to let light in. Our bahama shutters are made of sturdy welded aluminum to further aid in protecting windows.

Get Started with Your Project

At E-A Enterprises we build custom made bahama shutters in all colors and sizes. No matter what design you'e looking for on your beachfront property we have the workshop space and skill to make it possible, with over 30+ years of metal fabrication experience. If you're still unsure of what you're looking for, we're here to help. We can assist you in deciding whether or not bahama shutters are right for your building and help you design what you need.

Give us a call or use our online quote tool today to get started building the gate you need.