Welding Metal Grating

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Things to Consider When Fabricating a Metal Grate

Metal grates are used in many locations outdoors and can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. While they may look simple in craft and design, there are still multiple things for a metal fabricator and project planner to take into account when making them. Here are just a few of those aspects of metal grates to consider when choosing a metal fabricator.

Photo of gray custom metal grating attached to tan concrete
  • Size and Location: Many people, when they think of metal grating, think of city streets, drains and exhaust. However, there are many practical applications for metal grates including walkways, window coverings, railings, and even decoration like one might see around trees in an urban area. Each of these metal grates look different in size and design. They may also have different requirements such as gap size or shape. The grate being weight bearing may be especially important for walkways. When it comes to fabricating a metal grate, working with experts like those at E-A Enterprises can be essential to getting your project right.
  • Mounting: A welded metal grate can be mounted in a variety of ways depending on design and location. Some need space for central screws while others are mounted by metal brackets at the side. These different mounting options need consideration as the grate is being welded so the appropriate pieces can be fabricated on or alongside the grate. At E-A Enterprises we have been building grates and other metal projects for over 30 years, giving our experts invaluable experience building pieces that fit requirements perfectly.

Photo of black custom metal grating over a room

Get Started with Your Metal Grate

If you have a space you need covered by a metal grate whether it is decorative or functional, E-A Enterprises is here to help. With our seasoned experts, expansive metal fabrication workshop and central Maryland location, we are an excellent choice for anyone with a metalworking or welding project. Whether your grate system is made of one piece or a thousand pieces, we have the space and the resources to get the job done.

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