Metal Railing Fabrication

E-A Enterprises fabricates metal railings for all kinds of residential properties and businesses.

Types of Metal Railings

Photo of segmented silver pipe railing for an outdoor staircase at night

Pipe Railings

Pipe Railings are common metal railing forms found both indoors and outdoors, usually in commercial areas. They are frequently seen as handrails and guardrails. Pipe Railings are fabricated of one or more pieces of piping and are frequently made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Aluminum tends to last longer in corrosive environments while steel is the cheaper option. The lengths and heights of the pipes will vary depending on their application, so working with an expert like those at E-A Enterprises can be beneficial when fabricating this type of railing.

Commercial Railings

Commercial Railings can come in many shapes and sizes and many applications. Some function as handrails for the outside of businesses, ramps and stairs. Others are used for guardrails for public locations or occupational spaces. When installing a metal commercial railing it is important to follow all applicable regulations. These include local codes, OSHA, and ADA guidelines that ensure you are meeting all safety needs for your customers and employees. Here at E-A Enterprises we have decades of working within guidelines to weld great looking railings making us a great choice for your fabrication needs.

Photo of gray commmercial railing on an outdoor ramp
Photo of black residential railing on an outdoor patio surrounded by bushes

Residential Railings

A good residential railing design is crucial for any kind of home that needs metal railing, ensuring that porches and stairs are properly guarded and that the home's decor is cohesive. Residential railings still need to meet requirements like commercial railings, but design is often even more crucial, as people want to be certain their railings match the look of their house. Metal coloring methods such as powder coating can be a great way to enhance the look of residential railings. When needed, E-A Enterprises only works with the very best partners to complete the your designs.

Glass Railings

Glass railings are a special work of metal fabrication that combines metal and glass. These can be found in both residential and commercial locations but they are most often found in modern designs. They can be used for staircases as well as stand alone railings. Working with two mediums can be a complicated process but can really elevate a design when done well. E-A Enterprises has experience working with glass and metal to fabricate great looking railings.

Photo of glass railing with metal bar on top
White metal cable railing outdoors with bent design in front of a bush

Cable Railings

Cable railings are another type of railing that can be found in commercial and residential locations. They are great for maintaining safety while not obstructing views and have a modern design that looks great. The cables are generally made of stainless steel while the posts can be made of a variety of metals. The flexibility of the cable design also allows for more flexibility and customization for your installation. If you're looking for a cable railing, E-A Enterprises has experience fabricating many sizes and materials and we can help you create the design you're looking for.

Other Railings

Metal Railings come in many shapes and sizes. We've covered many different types here but designs can be so varied it is hard to categorize them all. Railings for indoor staircases for example can be incredibly ornamental and decorative while other railings use simpler shapes. Curved railings and those that are given different colors by powder coating or other methods are also more intricate forms of railing. E-A Enterprises has created metal railings of many designs. Our top of the line warehouse and experienced metal fabricators are capable of welding railings of all sizes and levels of detail.

Photo of specially designed black metal railing with intricate detail focused on landing

Get Started with Your Metal Railing

Regardless of whether you need decorative or simple railing, metal fencing for a residential or a commercial space E-A Enterprises has got you covered. Our metal fabricators have been welding all kinds of railing for over 30 years making us experts in the field. Our workshop is spacious and fully equipped for all kinds of railing projects and our central Maryland location makes us an excellent choice for customers all across the area.

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