Our Fabrication Metals

E-A Enterprises, LLC works with all kinds of metals including popular choices such as aluminum, iron, and steel.

We Weld with Metals of All Kinds

Here at E-A Enterprises we pride ourselves on our skills and experience with all kinds of metals. Our state of the art workshop allows us to weld and fabricate projects of all shapes and sizes, from one piece to 1,000 pieces, for customers in the Maryland area. The metals we work with come with different strengths and weaknesses making them good for different projects. What works well for delicate decorative metal fabrication often doesn't have the strength needed for a sturdy industrial project that will have to stand up to a lot of usage.

Our experts have over 30 years of experience in helping pick the right metal for a design. Take a look at some of our most popular metals below. Need some help with your project or looking to work with a metal you don't see here? Give us a call, our experts are here to help with any questions and to get you started!

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum is a great material for metal fabrication for many reasons. It is naturally resistant to corrosion because it doesn't contain iron which is generally a cause of rust for other metals. It is also lightweight and strong making it great for many projects including ladders and railings. We have many years of experience working with aluminum - to check out our work take a look at our aluminum page.

Carbon Steel Metalworking

Steel is one of the most popular metals used in metal fabrication and welding. Carbon Steel is typically what is referred to when steel metalworking is mentioned. Popular applictions of steel in metalworking include grates, work benches and surfaces, and more. To learn more about steel metalworking check out our carbon steel page.

Stainless Steel Metalworking

Stainless steel has become so popular over the years that it has become a category all its own. Stainless steel is often used in railings, industrial construction, and even high strength wire. Want to see more on stainless steel metalworking take a look at our stainless steel page.