Our Equipment

Our expansive workshop includes all the equipment needed to weld all kinds of metals. Check them out and get a quote for your metal fabrication project today.

Our Workshop has the Equipment Needed to Make Your Project Possible

Here at E-A Enterprises we pride ourselves on our expansive workshop that is fully equipped for on site work. Our tools and large warehouse space enable us to complete projects of any size and shape, no matter what type of project our customer needs. Our equipment includes many items that enable us to bend, break, cut and weld all kinds of metals into the shape you are looking for. Check out just some of our tools below.

  • 12’ x 120 ton Press Break
  • 10’ x ¼ CNC Shear
  • CNC Pipe Bender
  • CNC Angle Roll
  • CNC Band Saw
  • Cold Saw
  • 55 ton Punch
  • Drill Press

We Can Weld with All Kinds of Metals Including Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Welding is a process that requires a variety of equipment to complete and can be done in multiple ways. MIG, TIG, and stick welding are three of the most popular ways to weld metals such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Each process is different and has strengths and weaknesses. Our variety of welding equipment allows us to take advantage these and use each of these processes.

  • MIG/TIG/Stick welding
  • Dual Shield
  • Flux Core
  • Spray Weld

Contact Us for a Quote

If you've got a metal fabrication project we have the equipment to make it happen. Our experts have been working with metal fabrication equipment for over 30 years and have experience working with all kinds of customers - professionals and individuals - with all sizes of projects. From one piece to one-thousand, decorative to industrial projects, we've made them all. We use only the finest materials and pride ourselves on our professionalism, affordability, and punctuality. If you're ready to get started with your metalworking project - give us a call or contact us using a method below.